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We Provide Expert Dell Computer Repair Services

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Since 1987, the Dell Computer Corporation has designed and manufactured some of the most reliable computer systems in the world. In addition, Dell’s Customer Service Division has ranked #1 consistently among its competitors for the past decade and when it comes to technical support, they are available on a 24/7 basis. However, even with a stellar reliability reputation, hardware problems and associated issues can occur such as: battery not charging, power jack is broken or a simple CPU fan failure. At Laptop Centre, we provide expert post warranty computer repair services for Dell products and would love to assist bringing your computer back to good health. At Laptop Centre, we specialize in Dell computer products and support the following models listed below:

Dell XPS Series

Dell Inspiron Series

Dell G3/G5/G7 Series

Dell Vostro Series

Dell Latitude Series

Dell 3000 - 7000 Series

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We also provide following repair servicers.

HP Laptop Repair

We Provide Expert Computer Repair Services For HP Models

Lenovo Laptop Repair

We Provide Expert Lenovo Computer Repair Services.

Happy Customers

“My warranty period was over with Lenovo, their service was excellent but post warranty prices were quite high. I searched Laptop Repair near me on Google and got through these guys. I couldn’t have imagined what support and repair they provided for my Lenovo Laptop and most importantly at the very affordable prices.”


“My Dell Laptop Screen got damaged and I had to complete a project urgently. Trust me Google gave the best search because this Repair Centre solved my problem for less than an hour. Quick delivery of service from them resulted in my quick delivery of the project.”

Gayatri Pradhan